NLP4PM™ Module 1: Personal effectiveness for Project Managers (3 day)


Building on the best selling book ‘NLP for Project Managers’, this set of modules goes beyond method to improve self awareness and flexibility of behaviours to help project managers to become even more effective in delivery.

By the end of the course, delegates will have a working knowledge of NLP and the ability to use it in their day-to-day activities as a PM.  As well as helping them to pass chartered level examinations, which focus on demonstration of competence, they will be even more effective at delivering projects.

‘After Peter’s workshop I reflected that of the 300+ project managers I have interviewed over the past 10 years (conducting project assessments),  the 30 or so stand-out project managers all had self-awareness as a common trait.  The good news is that self-awareness can be learnt using these techniques and it is never too late’.  Andy Murray CDir, lead author PRINCE2 2009

Course Overview
This Personal Effectiveness module is an intensive experiential workshop facilitated by top NLP / PM trainers in small groups over three days.

After establishing the role of behavioural competences across the life-cycle and elements of the PM Body of Knowledge, the pillars and core components of NLP will be taught through practical exercises.

Key competence requirements for effective project management, for example as described in the APM competence framework and assessment for Registered Project Professional (RPP) and similar, will be addressed through practical examples, tools and techniques.  The course will equip delegates with practical skills and approaches for immediate use outside the training room.

The course will be taught in small groups limited to 12, with most exercises being worked on in teams of 3 facilitated by the course leader and supporting trainers.

Course Outcomes – By the end of the course you will:

  • Understand how soft skills support all components and processes across each stage of the project life-cycle.
  • Demonstrate self-awareness and the willingness to adapt behaviours to improve performance.
  • Present yourself with confidence in a range of project situations.
  • Assess your own behaviours and preferences and understand where you may need to flex behaviour to situation or ask for support.
  • Use practical techniques to flex behaviours crucial for success in projects and a career in projects.
  • Hear language patterns and uncover underlying beliefs, emotions and behavioural preferences of stakeholders with different world views.
  • Become assertive and get what you need without resorting to aggression.
  • Negotiate a win-win and build long term relationships through partnerships.
  • Manage your state and deal with stressful situations.

‘He who knows others is wise; he who knows himself is enlightened’ – Lao Tzu

Course leader

The course is led by Dr Peter Parkes, best selling author of ‘NLP for Project Managers’, NLP Master Practitioner, executive coach and facilitator. Peter has held programme director roles in the private sector, public sector, PPPs and ‘Big 4’ management consultancies. He holds a Masters (MBA) in project management and is a regular writer and popular speaker. He is a Director with the Association for Project Management (APM) and a founding member of best practice groups on Governance, Assurance and Portfolio Management, co-authoring standard guidance on these topics

Peter Parkes

Who should attend?
This course is suitable for all project professionals and anyone with a desire for continuous personal and professional development.


For the organisation

  • Your project leaders are the face of your organisation to your key clients – help them to develop the behaviours to support your vision and culture
  • Employ staff who anticipate and manage key stakeholders rather than react to them
  • Spend less time on containing conflict and more on creating value for your clients
  • Have a cadre of flexible high performing professionals rather than a bench full of foot-soldiers.

  For the individual

  • Learn to model excellent behaviours that you see in others
  • Improve essential business skills that can be readily translated across roles and sectors
  • Learn to speak the language of the boardroom and remove other factors that might otherwise limit your career progression
  • Improve your project management credentials, enhance your CV and improve career prospects
  • Gain access to supporting coaching.


  • No background knowledge of NLP is expected of delegates as the course will start from fundamentals.
  • It is expected that most entrants will be practising project professionals, but no previous knowledge will be assumed.

Duration / course structure:

  • 3 days – 9.30 am – 5.30 pm (lunch and refreshments provided for public dates)
  • Groups limited to 12 usually working in teams of 3.


  • Our normal venue is the former BT / Accenture national training centre inMilton Keynes.
  • On-site / in-house training can be arranged (with discount for venue and group booking).

Essential resources provided:

  • Copies of book ‘NLP for Project Managers’
  • Course notes and delegates pack
  • Access to online support and templates on completion of the course
  • Access to ongoing mentoring and support during first year on completion

£1495 (plus VAT) – discounts available for group bookings and in-house courses.

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