To the organisation

  • Your project leaders are the face of your organisation to your key clients – help them to develop the behaviours to support your vision and culture
  • Progress from creators of process and templates to real management of projects and programmes
  • Develop you staff to become Project Leaders rather than project followers
  • Employ staff who anticipate and manage key stakeholders rather than react to them
  • Spent less time on containing conflict and more on creating value for your clients
  • Have a cadre of flexible high performing professionals rather than a bench full of foot-soldiers

To the individual

  • Develop the competences that will help you to achieve the highest levels of accreditation in the profession such as Registered Project Professional (RPP)
  • Enhance your CV and improve career prospects
  • Improve essential business skills that can be readily translated across roles and sectors
  • Learn to speak the language of the boardroom and remove other factors that might otherwise limit your career progression
  • Learn to model excellence that you see in others
  • Gain access to supporting coaching