NLP4PM book

NLP for Project Managers by Dr Peter Parkes published by BCS

NLP for Project Managers: Delivering using neuro-linguistic programming’ was published 10th March 2011 and is available now through the BCS and Amazon.

Author Peter Parkes explains more about the book, NLP and how this can be used to enhance your project management skills. Peter also talks about his favourite book review to date, and the quote which most encapsulates the essence of the book.

These resources from the book will help you to decide to buy:

  • Book review by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
  • Book review (9/10) from the BCS website.
    Read a review by Elizabeth Harrin, award winning author of PM4Girls, Get started in social media for Projects, etc
    Read review by Lindsay Scott, Founder of Arras people and Editor of forthcoming Gower publication on soft skills for PM.