What is NLP ?

NLP is the study of human excellence. It is the science of how the brain codes learning and experience, and can be described as a user’s manual for the brain. The memories of our subjective experience have structure. NLP can be used to elicit and replicate that structure through modelling, and so transfer skills. Where learned behaviours are no longer effective in some context, NLP can be used to alter the structure of the subjective experience, changing meaning, and generate alternative behaviours. Thus, NLP provides an excellent toolset for self awareness and personal improvement. Some other definitions of NLP include:

  • a form of applied psychology;
  • a means of achieving more for yourself and being more fulfilled in your
  • personal and professional lives;
  • the difference that makes the difference;
  • a means of achieving peak performance.

It has been described as a system, a methodology and a set of processes. More than anything else to me though, like project management itself, NLP is an approach.

What is your favourite definition of NLP ?