We offer a range of NLP-based worskshops and courses to help project and programme leaders to be even more effective in managing three key resources for projects: themselves, their team, and the various stakeholders that they interact with.  If you want to be even more effective in project management then these courses are for you.

One day workshop

NLP4PM™ Module 1:  Personal effectiveness for Project Managers (3 days)

NLP4PM™ Module 2:  Team effectiveness for Project Managers (1 day)

NLP4PM™ Module 3:  Moving from manager to Project Leadership (1 day)

Schedule and pricing

Who should attend

NLP4PM 1 day workshop London February 2012
NLP4PM 1 day workshop London February 2012

These courses are  ideal for anyone involved in the management of projects or change who wants to go beyond basic methods and templates to learn how to actually deliver through others and realise tangible benefits.

If you are working on relatively small projects that are well defined and with an in-house delivery model then you may want to develop your team motivation techniques.  You may also want to learn more about how to present yourself and manage your state in potentially stressful situations.  For more experienced project and programme managers you may want to learn more about management of complex stakeholder situations.  You may also want to learn more about how to choose behaviours and language appropriate to the the context and task.  For those responsible for portfolios of projects, you may want additional resources to help manage ‘the big picture’ and the process of negotiation and accommodation.  You will also benefit from a working knowledge of high performance coaching and the ability to model excellent behaviours in others.  Wherever you are on your journey as a professional project manager, your career will be enhanced, or limited, by your soft skills rather than your technical or intellectual ability.

Matthew Kidner receiving his NLP4PM course certificate