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Sex and the city – 6 out of 10 women report that stress at work is ruining their sex lives

According to a poll picked up by The Daily Express and Metro today (10/04/2012), 6 out of 10 women report that stress at work is ruining their sex lives.The same poll extrapolates that a million women are taking medication as a result of stress at work and half are considering having a baby to get a break from work.  (Rather an accomplishment when it has already ruined your sex life, or maybe that is the other half).  Despite these strongly negative findings, two thirds of women believe that success comes from a job they love rather than the money they earn.  So why are they let down so badly, and more usefully, what can you do about it?

Sex and the city?

In March I gave a talk entitled ‘Building resilience and managing stress: how to achieve more and strain less’ at Santander’s HQ for the APM.  No wonder it booked solid without even being advertised.  I will be delivering the same talk later this month in Leeds then across the country – look out for dates on the ‘Talks‘ tab of

I have also launched a related website: where you can find the slides and also a pdf of the feature article on managing stress from ITNow magazine which was extracted verbatim from my book ‘NLP for Project Managers’.  I will be  delivering a one day workshop demonstrating techniques to build resilience on the 12th September.

Maybe I should bill myself as ‘The love Doctor’?


  • Elizabeth


    Stress-Man? I imagine that’s short for stress management, but in an article about stress levels in women it seems incongruous!

    I’d be interested to hear if the study showed that men’s sex lives are also being ruined by workplace stress, and if not, how they are managing…

    • peterp


      Though the results were widely reported in the popular press, the original survey was for a ‘woman’s magazine’ and the Survey Monkey did not have fields to ask what sex correspondents were. (I did go to the original article to verify the surprising numbers). Irrespective of the actual numbers, I find it amazing that situations at work can have anything like these levels of impact on personal lives and be tolerated.

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